Add Users to your account

To add a new user, go to the Settings drop down from the top navigation bar and select Users & Groups & On-Call

You'll be directed to a new page where you can add and edit users. To add a user, click the "+ Add User" button at the top. A wizard will open, guiding you through the process.


The user's name, as it will appear through out the control panel and in communications

The user's timezone - we'll adjust all displayed and computed times for the user (this doesn't affect other users on the account)

Account Type
Indicates whether the user can login and access the control panel (Control Panel Access) or merely receives notifications (Alerting Only). Further access refinements for those with Control Panel Access can be made in the ACL Roles section below

Tags (optional)
User tags are used to restrict access to dashboards

Default Dashboard (optional)
If a default dashboard is selected, the user will be redirect to this dashboard when they login to Panopta

ACL Roles
The scope of actions and infrastructure the user has access to within Panopta. Learn more about access control here

Contact Information

The Contact Information pane allows you to add various contact methods for the user, which are then later used in Alert Timelines. However, only email is required.

Alert Types

For each email address and phone number provider, you can set which alert types that specific contact method receives

Alert Type

Clear (All Clear)

All Clear messages are sent by default when an incident resolves

Ack (Acknowledgement)

Acknowledgement alerts are sent to all users when a member of their team acknowledges an alert - if they have previously received an alert about an incident. Think of it as someone saying "I've got it"


Messages can be broadcast to other team members in order to communicate about an incident.