Agent Installation

You can install the Agent on a server and it will automatically be added to your Panopta account. This is a helpful option for installing the Agent on a number of servers at once to import into Panopta. You can do this by clicking the +Add button at the top of your control panel, and select "Instance (Advanced)".

You'll be prompted to choose your operating system, and once you do, a script will be generated that you can run manually on each of your servers or through your configuration management tool, like Chef or Puppet.

Script reusability

This script is generic for your account - you can use it on any new server you'd like to add to Panopta and it will obtain its own distinct key during the installation process

This script will install the Agent, then load the servers into Panopta and assign each a server key so they can report their metrics.

Installing the Agent on a server instance already in Panopta

On the instance page, there is a a section where you can install the Agent. You'll see the Agent Status, in this case "not installed".

Clicking the +Install Agent button will give you a few prompts. The first being to select the operation system of the server on which you're installing the Agent.

After selecting your OS, you are given another two choices. The Quick Install in the first tab gives you a quick script for you to run which will download the Agent from our repository and link the Agent to your account. It will start reporting metrics in minutes, which you'll be able to see in the Control Panel.


This version of the script has a unique key for this one instance only! Do not use the same script to try to install other Agents. A key is generated for each server.