Canned Reports

We have a few canned reports available that you can run ad-hoc or on a regular basis to keep up to date on the status of many aspects of your account. We currently have 6 canned reports, but we plan on adding more as time goes on. If there is a particular report you'd like, let us know!

Agent Status Report

The Agent Status report allows you to query your infrastructure for the health and version of your agents. This is helpful for identifying inconsistencies as well as agents that require updates.
Each tab has multiple options, the first allowing you to select the recipients of the report, the second determines the scope, and the last allows you to choose the frequency of the report generation.

Availability Report

The Availability report gives you a full rundown of the current status of your infrastructure in Panopta, based on a date range. You have additional report options, such as whether or not Server Agent metric availability will be included or if you want to see instances with 100% availability. Similar to the other reports, you have the option to dictate the scope based on group or by tag, and decide if the report should be recurring.

Capacity Planning Report

Our Capacity Planning report shows metric trends and usage to help you plan for the future and avoid hardware issues arising and affecting the customer experience.

The available variables are the date range, how to group the report, how you'd like the data aggregated, and who will receive this report. As with our other reports, you can choose the scope and schedule in the next tabs.

Incident Report

Our Incident report is pretty straightforward, you can see each of the incidents that occurred in your infrastructure over a selected period of time.

You can also decide if you'd like to report based on scope of incidents, severity, and current status.

Tag Audit Report

The Tag Audit report allows you to see which tags are in use, and to whom and what they are applied.

You have the option to see all tags, or query by specific tags.

User Audit Report

The User Audit report shows you who is an active user and what permissions they have. You can also see whether or not they have the mobile app installed, and the last time they logged in.

Instance Configuration Report

The Instance Configuration Report gives you the ability to export the current monitoring on a determined group of servers.

You can determine the scope and filter by Group or by Tag, and also schedule the report to run on a one time or recurring basis. The report returned gives you an overview of the selected servers, including information like Name, FQDN's, Group, Primary monitoring location, Alert Timeline, Tags, Templates, and any attributes.

Metric Export Report

This report contains the data details for each metric running in your Panopta account. The report gives you the option to select a date range for the given values and also determine to whom it will be sent. You can limit the scope of the export in the second tab.

Metric Configuration Report

The Metric Configuration report is similar to the Instance configuration report, but only reports the metrics. The configuration difference between the two is that under scope you have an additional option to choose to filter the metrics by tag, metric type, report on only network service metrics or only agent metrics.

This report is much more detailed than the Instance Configuration report, giving you information like Instance, Metric, assigned Alert timeline, monitoring location of each check, frequency of the check, the current status, and any applicable tags. There are also two separate tabs, one for Network Service Metrics, and the other for Server Metrics.