One of the options for receiving alerts after an incident on your infrastructure is an email alert. The Panopta Outage alert emails are broken into a few different sections. The first identifies the affected instance. The second allows you to take action by either viewing the outage, acknowledging the outage, delaying further notifications, or escalating the outage to the next contacts on the alert timeline.

You can see the affected service, the severity, and when the incident started in the first part of the email.

The next section is an outage log, with traceroutes so you can see where the outage was occurring. From this section, you have the ability to jump into your account to see more outage information, if you choose.

Once the outage has cleared, if you have enabled All Clear alerts, you'll see an email like the following.

As well as the latest segment of the outage log, with the ability to jump into your account and see more logs.

You can see the actions taken, the time the outage resolved, and who was contacted according to the assigned Alert Timeline.

In situations with users who are contact only, none of the links will be active, they'll only receive the alert. They will not see the options to View, Ack, Delay, or Escalate.