Using the Panopta API, you can achieve any level of automation from adding/deleting new instances, extracting data, starting a maintenance window to much more. In order to start, generate a new secure API token by selecting “API Key Management” from the “Settings” drop-down on the Panopta control panel.

On this new page you will see a list of any API keys you already have in existence as well as a button called “+ Add new API key.”

To create a new API key click that button and a new window will open up, as seen below.

Set the access level to either “Read/Write” or “Read Only” depending on your use cases. Once you click “Submit”, a new API key will be created. You can delete a Key at any time using the “Delete” button next to that key. Clicking on a token takes you into our API explorer so that you can visually interact with API before writing any code.